• Genre
    VR Animation
  • Players
  • Release Date
    2019/06/03 (Steam/Oculus Store)
    2019/09/05 (PlayStation© Store/My Nintendo™ Store)
  • Price
  • Supported Hardware
    Oculus Rift / Oculus Go / HTC vive / PlayStation©VR
    Nintendo Switch™
    Oculus Quest
  • Publisher
    Spicy Tails

How to enjoy this work and supported devices:

This work requires a VR headset to fully experience.
While it is possible to view "Spice and Wolf VR" as a video on a Windows PC you'll miss out on the VR experience.
Below we'll introduce supported VR headsets

For the best experience we recommend

(Playback is most likely possible on WinMR however we can't recommend it for anyone except experienced users)
In addition to the VR headsets mentioned above a suitably "VR Ready" high spec PC or Playstation 4 is also required.

In order to determine your computer's suitability for VR play please consult the parts/PC manufacturers website for detailed information.

If your PC meets the system requirements for "Spice and Wolf VR" you should also be able to enjoy most other VR content.

"Limited functionality in the 2D World" Oculus Go

Does not require the use of a PC and can be purchased for around 200 USD
Similar to VR headsets listed in section [1] the Oculus Go will allow you to view the scene in a full 360 up and down, left and right; however, the Oculus Go does not support forward and backward movement within the scene. Similar to sitting in a fixed chair unable to move around much.

Please note that even if you move yourself forward an back, your view point will not change and this can cause some amount of motion sickness. However, the video quality compared to [1] devices should not be considered largely inferior.
Please Note: "Spice and Wolf VR" use of the Oculus Go will prevent you from being able to enjoy the Mini-game section.

Other points to note

While 20$ cases for smartphones might call themselves "VR" they're completely different to the real thing. "Spice and Wolf VR" does not support Smartphone playback at this time.