Spice and Wolf VR2


  • PlayStation VR
  • Nintendo Switch
  • oculus

Spice and Wolf VR 2nd Project.

At the end of their journey, merchant Lawrence and wolf goddess Holo settled down and opened a bathhouse.

The couple was blessed with a daughter and an idyllic life. One day, as Lawrence is going about his fur side business to further fill the family's coffers, a slight incident occurs and Holo saunters in with quite the feast.

  • Producer/Creator


  • Planner/Scenario Writer

    Isuna Hasekura

  • Character Design

    Ju Ayakura

  • Holo Character Voice

    Ami Koshimizu

  • Lawrence Character Voice

    Jun Fukuyama

  • Myuri Character Voice

    Aimi Tanaka

  • Holo Motion Capture Actor

    Kaori Kawabuchi

  • Myuri Motion Capture Actor

    Aimi Tanaka

  • Voice Director

    Teruaki Ogawa

  • 3D Modeling/CG Animation

    Keisuke Sakakibara

  • Concept Artist

    Yo Shimizu

  • Logo Designer

    Masatoshi Sakai

  • Motion Capture

    MOZOO Inc.

  • Website Designer

    Kyoichi Kido

  • Character Voice Recording

    Brave Hearts Inc.

  • Composer

    Sakiko Sakuragi(INSPION)

  • Coordination Support

    Spice & Wolf Production Committee

  • Genre

    VR Animation
  • Players

  • Release Date

    2020/12/10 (Steam/Oculus Store)
    2021/1/12 (My Nintendo™ Store)
    2021/2/4 (PlayStation™ Store)
    2021/4/15(AppLab(Oculus Quest 1&2))
  • Price

    • $24.99
  • Supported Hardware

    Oculus Quest 1&2
    Oculus Rift / Oculus Go / HTC Vive
    PlayStation®VR / Nintendo Switch™


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