INTRODUCTIONInto the 2D World, to meet our favorite characters

This is the true power of Virtual Reality technology.
Up until now, VR has been used primarily for gaming.
Now that we can truly experience those characters right infront of our eyes we knew what we needed to do. We set our sights on bringing a true sense of realism to life, inside a VR Anime experience.
"Spice and Wolf VR" is our second VR Anime continuing on our work with our previous title "Project Lux".


Any project requires some amount of funding to be realized, however that funding alone isn't a guarantee for it's success as a product.

This is especially true for ambitious niche projects with potentially limited audiences. said, when fans of those projects voices' are loud and clear crowd funding enables them to provide money directly, supporting creators, which in turn allows those projects to move forward step by step.

In addition through this system creators are able to produce that more closely fit fan expectations while also giving back to supporters directly through things like special backer rewards.


Crowd funding is now complete for this project. Our sincere thanks to all the fans and backers who made this possible


  • 2019.09.05
    PlayStaion©VR版、Nintendo Switch™版、発売! ご購入は、PlayStation©StoreMy Nintendo Storeからどうぞ!
  • 2019.06.03
    6/3 Steam版 / Oculus Rift・Oculus Go版リリース! ご購入は、Steam store、もしくはOculus storeからどうぞ。
  • 2019.06.03
    6/3 Switch版の発売が決定! 詳細は別途ご案内いたします。
  • 2018.11.21
    11/21 kickstarter延期のお知らせ。申請のミスにより、kickstarterでのファンディングが12月頭開始予定に変更になりました。申し訳ありません。
  • 2018.09.14
    9/14 公式サイト公開!