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『狼と香辛料VR2』ティザーサイト公開!/ The teaser site for 「Spice and Wolf VR2」 has opened today!


大変お待たせしました! 本日『狼と香辛料VR2』のティザーサイトが公開されました!


ジャンル VRアニメーション
プレイヤー 1名
対応ハード Oculus Rift / Oculus Go / HTC vive / PlayStation®VR / Nintendo Switch™
(Oculus Questには未対応)



Oculus Quest 1 / 2 へは対応しますか?

なお、Questのストアには並びませんが、VR用PCをお持ちの場合、OculusLinkを利用する事で  プレイは可能と思われます(ただし、この場合、大変恐縮ですが、動作保証外となります……!)

PlayStation 5への対応はしますか?



Thank you very much for your patience!
The teaser site for “Spice and Wolf VR2” has opened today!

■ “Spice and Wolf VR2”

Genre VR Animation
Players 1
Supported Hardware Oculus Rift / Oculus Go / HTC vive / PlayStation®VR
Nintendo Switch™ (Not compatible with Oculues Quest)

The price and release date will be announced at a later date!

In addition, we have received some questions, so
We will answer below.

Does this software support Oculus Quest 1/2?

I’m sorry.
Due to the failure of the examination, this work will not be supported ….
The reason is not disclosed, but I don’t think the technical part is the cause.
In addition, although it does not line up in the Quest store, if you have a VR PC, it is assumed that you can play by using OculusLink.
(However, in this case, we do not guarantee the operation)

Is this software compatible with PlayStation 5?

The following official announcement has been made on,
At this time, neither we nor the development vendor Gemdrops, Inc are aware of the details. As soon as the details are known, we will inform you separately on this blog, twitter, etc.

Thank you for your continued support.